Our office will be closed on Friday, September 21st, beginning at 9:00am.  All emails and phone calls will be responded to on Monday, September 24th.

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Beginning in August 2018, Discovery Link sites fee structure will be:

Sites Daily Fee a.m. programming Daily Fee p.m. programming
Asbury, Bradley, Bromwell, Brown, Carson, C3, CEE, Cory, Denver Language, Edison, Isabella Bird, Lincoln, Lowry, McKinley Thatcher, McMeen, Park Hill,  Polaris at Ebert, Roberts, Sabin, Sandoval, Slavens, Southmoor, Steck, Steele, Swigert, Teller, University Park, Valdez, Westerly Creek $8.00 $12.00
Centennial, Denver Green School, High Tech, Inspire $5.00 $11.00

Schedule of Payments

Payment Due
Late Fee


Coverage Period

1 of 9 3-Sep 9/10/18 9/17/18 8/20/18 – 9/30/18
2 of 9 3-Oct 10/8/18 10/15/18 10/1/18 – 10/31/18
3 of 9 3-Nov 11/8/18 11/15/18 11/1/18 – 11/30/18
4 of 9 3-Dec 12/10/18 12/17/18 12/1/18 – 12/31/18
5 of 9 3-Jan 1/8/19 1/15/19 1/1/19 – 1/31/19
6 of 9 3-Feb 2/8/19 2/15/19 2/1/19 – 2/28/19
7 of 9 3-Mar 3/8/19 3/15/19 3/1/19 – 3/31/19
8 of 9 3-Apr 4/8/19 4/15/19 4/1/19 – 4/30/19
9 of 9 3-May 5/8/19 5/15/19 5/1/19 – 5/31/19

Payments are due by the 3rd of each month without exception. We accept check, money order, Visa or MasterCard and cash at 1617 S Acoma St. You may also mail in checks or money orders. Please do not mail cash! Our online platform, SchoolCare Works, accepts all major credit cards. I understand that Discovery Link will generate monthly charges posted to my account at https://connect.schoolcareworks.com/. We do not accept payments at our Discovery Link sites.

We are no longer utilizing Tuition Express for our auto payments.  Please login to SchoolCare Works to set up auto payments for the 18/19 School Year.

Refunds and credits are NOT issued for routine absence or illness. Credits will be considered for extended absences or illness with signed documentation from a medical professional. I understand credits and refunds are NOT issued for days Discovery Link is closed due to district or school closures for circumstances such as inclement weather.

Discovery Link programming ends at 6pm each day and all children need to be picked up by that time. If you are late in picking up your child, you will be charged $1.00 per minute, per child that you are late. Excessive abuse (three or more times per year) of Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up could result in termination of the child’s enrollment.

When a child has not been picked up from the site 30 minutes after the program has ended and staff has been unable to reach parents/guardians and all listed emergency contacts, staff is required by state licensing to call the Denver Police Department and the Denver Department of Human Services.

To apply for financial assistance with Discovery Link, please complete the application found here. Deadline for applications is August 3rd at 3pm. You will be notified of eligibility on August 10th by 4pm.

CCAP also offers financial assistance for child care.  You can access their application and more information about CCAP here.